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The IFAD funded SKiM Knowledge Management Portal, is a beacon of publications, news, data and information coming from research for development organizations, academia, government bodies, national agricultural research systems and extensionists across the globe. The Portal is built to enhance the outreach of the scientific and organizational knowledge aggregated, fostering partnership building and information sharing across users and institutions, strengthening knowledge management and providing the basis for more advanced knowledge visualization (OpenRXV powered SKiM Explorer ).


Procasur Virtual Learning Route (Step 4/4) - "Natural Resources Governance" Case

Procasur Virtual Learning Route (Step 3/4) - "Community Knowledge-based Peer Networks At-Tasab" Case

Procasur Virtual Learning Route (Step 2/4) - "Gender Action Learning System (GALS)" Case

Procasur Virtual Learning Route (Step 1/4) - "Learning Routes" Case

Procasur Virtual Learning Route (Step 0/4) - Introduction to Knowledge Management

SKiM Regional Workshop - Rabat, Morocco 2019

SKiM - National Writeshops Video

Monitoring Evaluation & Learning (MEL) Team

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