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The IFAD funded SKiM Knowledge Management Portal, is a beacon of publications, news, data and information coming from research for development organizations, academia, government bodies, national agricultural research systems and extensionists across the globe. The Portal is built to enhance the outreach of the scientific and organizational knowledge aggregated, fostering partnership building and information sharing across users and institutions, strengthening knowledge management and providing the basis for more advanced knowledge visualization (OpenRXV powered SKiM Explorer ).

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50- minutes FAP film now synchronized to Turkish

17 Aug 2021
Dr. Yasemin Güler, from Directorate of the Turkish Plant Protection Central Research Institute (CRIPP) and an authority on wild pollinators of Turkey, translated the script and organized the synchronization of the film to Turkish to make it available to more farmers, extension experts, NARS and policymakers. Dr. Güler is the national focal point of the IKI-FAP project in Turkey.
agroecology, farmers, Farming with Alternative Pollinators (FAP), habitat enhancement, natural enemies, nature positive solution, policies, pollinators

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L'INRA au sentier d'apprentissage du Maroc

29 Jun 2021
Dans le cadre des activités du projet de gestion des connaissances SKiM, les acteurs académiques, de recherche, de conseil et de coordination dans le secteur agricole ont participé au Sentier d’apprentissage du Maroc, Morocco Learning Route, et ce du 20 juin au 25 Juin 2022.

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New frontiers: Remote UX design for Beekeeping App

28 Jun 2021
If you ever wondered what happens when 24 beekeepers, a translator, a cat, and a UX designer connect across 12 timezones for two days, you find yourself in the middle of our project. The AI-Driven Climate Smart Beekeeping for Women project (AID-CSB) centers around the customization and localization of an app to help beekeepers in Uzbekistan and Ethiopia better monitor and manage their hives. To ensure that the app is suitable for the beekeepers, a user research process was implemented in Uzbekistan in June 2021. We sat down with project user-experience (UX) designer Sarah to learn more about the process.
beekeeping, hive management, information and communication technologies, participatory research, women, women’s participation

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Morocco Learning Route

25 Jun 2021
Dans le cadre des activités du projet SKiM, les acteurs académiques, de recherche, de conseil et de coordination du secteur agricole ont participé au Sentier d’apprentissage du Maroc « Morocco Learning Route », et ce du 20 au 25 Juin 2022. La cérémonie d’ouverture a eu lieu au siège de l’INRA Rabat.

News & Blogs

Participation De L’IAV HASSAN II Au Sentier D’Apprentissage Du Maroc

25 Jun 2021
Morocco Learning Route, et ce du 20 juin au 25 Juin 2022. La Cérémonie d’ouverture a eu lieu au siège de l’INRA Rabat avec la participation de Dr. Faouzi Bekkaoui (Directeur de l’INRA), Dr. Chakib Nemmaoui (Chargé de programme du FIDA pour le Maroc), Dr. Zebakh Sanaa (Directrice de la coopération et du partenariat et experte en Knowledge management) et Dr. Ghaouti Lamiae (Directrice Adjointe de la Coopération, du Partenariat et du Développement- IAV Hassan II).

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Loss of bees and pollinators could endanger our wellbeing and global peace

19 May 2021
Why are bees and other small insects so important for us? Spend five minutes for watching this video and recognize, to which extent our human wellbeing, our food, medicines, home, landscapes and work depend on these tiny animals. Don’t take it for granted, that we can survive without bees and flies and wasps and butterflies. However, start today, World Bee Day 2021 to become a champion for bee and pollinator protection!
champion, human responses, peace, pollinator loss, world bee day

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New ISI publication on enabling factors for farmer-driven pollinator protection

29 Apr 2021
The replication of the FAP-cucumber trial in Uzbekistan (2013-2014) in Morocco (2015-2016) demonstrated the agronomic replicability of Farming with Alternative Pollinators (FAP). However, it also revealed that in countries with lower formal education a second enabling factor for farmer-driven pollinator protection is needed besides the method-inherent incentive of higher income per surface: a knowledge-raising campaign. This was further demonstrated by a survey conducted in Morocco, Turkey and Benin including 766 smallholder farmers.
benin, farmer-driven protection, Farming with Alternative Pollinators (FAP), incentive, knowledge, method-inherent incentive, morocco, pollination problem, turkey, wild pollinators

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PRIMA Foundation Uptakes the Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning (MEL) Platform for Projects Knowledge Management

28 Apr 2021
Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning (MEL) is an integrated and adaptable online platform for projects, activities and knowledge management, performance measurement, communication and dissemination of research findings. Its multifaceted and modular structure allows customization and remodelling to meet ever-changing demands. Given these qualities, MEL was adopted by the Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area (PRIMA), joining three CGIAR CRPs and four Centers in the MEL Team.
analysis, best practice, data management, evaluation, innovation, innovation platform, knowledge, knowledge management, knowledge sharing, learning, monitoring, monitoring & evaluation, partnership building, planning, project management, research for development, return on investment, risk management, science communication, upscaling, value for money

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